Who We Are


Welcome to Cloud Commons

Hi there! We're Mel and Tom Martinez, the passionate creators behind Cloud Commons. Our brand is dedicated to crafting home goods and relaxation products that unite people through creativity and therapeutic cannawareness. We are motivated by the challenge of redefining our communion with our favorite plant ally and its elegant intersection with the home living space. We craft tools made for your highest self :)


The Making Of

At Cloud Commons, every item in our shop is meticulously crafted by hand, kiln-fired, and lovingly packaged in our studio located in Kingston, NY. We take great pride in the quality, originality, and care we infuse into each of our products. From the initial sketch to the final glaze firing, we pour our hearts and souls into every step of the process to deliver items of the utmost appeal and quality for your mind, body, and home.

We hope that you derive as much joy from our work as we do. Each item is a cherished treasure to us, and we pour that love into every piece we ship.