Welcome to the Commons

We are an artist partnership that joined forces to create this elevated ceramic home goods company.
Our smokeware is lovingly designed to be paired with our unique home goods, just as one would design a beautiful wet bar. Through our work, we offer accessibility to one-of-a-kind artwork, allowing anyone a chance to own a unique piece of handmade art for their personal space.

Our Mission

Our core principles revolve around mindful practices and uniting people through creativity and cannawareness. We look to destigmatize this beautiful plant-ally by demonstrating its role in a functional, thriving household. We craft tools made for your highest self :)

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Our Process

Every item in our shop is handmade, kiln-fired and packaged here in our studio based in Kingston, NY. We pride ourselves on the quality, originality and care we put into all of our products. From sketch to final glaze fire, we invest every ounce of effort to provide the highest appeal and quality items for your mind, body and home.

We hope you enjoy our work and love it as much as we do - every item is a treasure in our eyes and we put that love into every piece we ship.